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Shailene Caparas CPA is focused on church accounting services, compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charity regulations, and business advisory. We work exclusively with churches and organizations of faith to supply the financial oversight and instruction that will help maintain appropriate records, increase accounting efficiencies, and keep your charity returns (T3010) up to date. With our support, your members and donors will be confident that your financial reports are accurate and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your organization is in compliance with current Canada Revenue Agency CRA tax regulations.

What sets us apart from other CPA firms is our wealth of knowledge in not-for-profit accounting and our extensive experience working with churches and religious groups. We truly understand your ministry and financial challenges and will offer up accounting solutions to make managing your church finances easier so you can focus on fulfilling your church vision and mission.

When you outsource your accounting needs to Shailene Caparas CPA, you will gain a ministry-focused finance team that not only understands you, but equally share the heart of your church ministry and vision.

With Shailene Caparas CPA, you will:

  • Build a stronger foundation to increase your financial capacity
  • Receive wise and prudent advice from a ministry-minded CPA clergy
  • Have the confidence on your finances at a reasonable price
  • Have the peace of mind that your books are compliant with CRA regulations
  • Receive custom-designed financial reports that reflects your church mission
  • Save yourself more time for ministry
  • Get 24/7 access to your ministry’s financial reports

To learn more about our accounting services for churches, request a free consultation now or call 778-558-0694.

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